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Murine atherosclerotic plaque imaging with the USPIO Ferumoxtran-10
Gert Klug1,Thomas Kampf1,Christan Ziener1,Marco Parczyk1,Elizabeth Bauer1,Volker Herold1,Eberhard Rommel1,Peter Michael Jakob1,Wolfgang Rudolf Bauer1
Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik I, Universitaetsklinik Wuerzburg, Germany,2 Experimentelle Physik 5, Universitaet Wuerzburg, Germany
DOI: 10.2741/3396 Volume 14 Issue 7, pp.2546-2552
Published: 01 January 2009
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Molecular imaging in cancer)

In this study we intended to image plaque inflammation in a murine model of atherosclerosis with MRI and Ferumoxtran-10 (Sinerem, Guerbet, France). 8 apoE-/- mice were injected 500 micromol Fe/kg or 1000 micromol Fe/kg Ferumoxtran-10. 2 apoE-/- mice were injected NaCl. After a post-contrast time of 24 to 336 hours the mice were scarificed and the aortas were imaged ex vivo. All measurements were performed on a 17.6 Tesla Bruker AVANCE 750WB MR scanner (Bruker, Germany). Spin-echo sequences and gradient-echo sequences with variable TE were performed and T2* maps were generated. Prussian-blue and hematoxilin-eosin histology were obtained afterwards and iron-uptake was quantified by counting iron positive areas. 2 apoE-/- mice were imaged in vivo before and 48 hours after 1000 micromol Fe/kg. Atheroma iron uptake was not elevated after 24 hours compared to controls. 48 hours after 1000 micromol Fe/kg but not 500 micromol Fe/kg histology revealed a 1.3- fold increase in plaque iron content compared to NaCl injected mice. Normalized T2*-times decreased from 0.86+/-0.02 in controls to 0.66+/-0.15 after a dose of 500 micromol Fe/ml and 0.59+/-0.14 in mice injected with 1000 micromol Fe/Kg (p=0.038). These results translated into a mean of 122% increase in CNR, as measured by in vivo MRI. We have demonstrated that Ferumoxtran-10 is taken up by atherosclerotic plaques in untreated apoE-/- mice and this alters plaque signal properties.

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Gert Klug, Thomas Kampf, Christan Ziener, Marco Parczyk, Elizabeth Bauer, Volker Herold, Eberhard Rommel, Peter Michael Jakob, Wolfgang Rudolf Bauer. Murine atherosclerotic plaque imaging with the USPIO Ferumoxtran-10. Frontiers in Bioscience-Landmark. 2009. 14(7); 2546-2552.