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Nature versus nurture--plant resources in management of male infertility
Madhukar Shivajirao Dama1,Pratap Singh Akhand1,Singh Rajender1
Endocrinology Division, Central Drug Research Institute, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Lucknow, India
DOI: 10.2741/E159 Volume 2 Issue 3, pp.1001-1014
Published: 01 June 2010
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Male reproductive health and its management)

Male infertility, apart from being a multi-factorial disorder, has no defined etiology in almost half of the infertile men. The complex etiology demands a complex remedy which can heal several ailments together. Currently available specific treatments are largely inefficient in infertility treatment. Medicinal plants present a repertoire capable of providing varied constituents which could be helpful in infertility management. However, the literature on the same is scanty and we have not explored even 1 percent of the available plant resources. Herein, we present a systematic review of clinical and experimental data on the use of Indian medicinal herbs in the treatment of male infertility. Literature suggests that most of the medicinal herbs exhibit a three dimensional effect of reducing oxidative/psychological stress, fatigue and promoting libido. This review is oriented to identify and highlight aphrodisiac, adaptogenic, anti-oxidant and nutritional properties of these plants and aims at promoting exploration of these valuable medicinal resources.

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Madhukar Shivajirao Dama, Pratap Singh Akhand, Singh Rajender. Nature versus nurture--plant resources in management of male infertility. Frontiers in Bioscience-Elite. 2010. 2(3); 1001-1014.